Have you ever seen a ghost?


I would really love to hear some ghost stories? Have you ever seen a real ghost or believe you have? What was your reaction? How does this make you feel? Where were you?

I also believe spirits can come to you in your dreams? Have you had this experience? Would love to hear your thoughts and stories!
Please share your cool experiences with us and we might just post it here on Angel & Ghosts.

A Real Ghost Picture


This picture was taken at Lakeview Cemetery in Jamestown, NJ. These pictures were taken on a clear day. You can see what appears to be a man like figure sitting on a headstone. Makes you wonder if we really are alone. This really sends chills down my spine.You can see that the figure is almost like transparent.

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Real Haunted Florida Lighthouse


Near St. Augustine, 3 known spirits: one of a small girl who was hit by a train and killed there around 1900; one of a man who hung himself (when, not known), and one unidentified spirit in the basement of the keeper's house. During the 1980's, when the keeper's house was being restored, workers spent the nights in the place to protect it from vandals. They would wake up in the middle of the night to see a small girl in old-fashioned clothes watching them. She would then vanish. The workers would also sense things during their work and would look up to see an apparition of a man hanging from a rafter. The spirit in the cellar has never been seen, but workers at the lighthouse all report an uneasy feeling when they're down there alone, especially at closing time when the place is very quiet. There have also been stories of footsteps on the lighthouse stairs when there's no one around. The guides there are very open about the ghosts. There are many good reasons for the lighthouse and keeper's house to be haunted: the man who hung himself, the little girl who was killed by the train, a lightkeeper who fell to his death while painting the former lighthouse (very close to the newer one), and 13 executed pirates who were buried behind the lighthouse. Also, there has been some form of a lighthouse on the site since Ponce De Leon in the 1500's.

Real Florida Haunts redface

And here is some shocking video footage of the famous ghost hunters(TAPS) investigating this same Florida lighthouse. It's really cool to see what they catch on video. Check out this video below...

TAPS Ghost Hunters Lighthouse Footage

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