I believe babies can see Angels

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I really think that babies do see angels. When they look up and coo and smile maybe they do see something we can't. It really makes you wonder. Maybe the angels come to the innocent because they will have no memory of it.
They say we all have guardian angels watching over us and maybe they are there when we are born, and they watch over us our whole life, until the day we die. And then they help us find our way home

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Lumpy said...

I love Your Blog! The tiny Little Angel is so cute! Lumpy

Paranormal said...

To me, it's pretty amazing to wonder about these kinds of things. Often people seem to associate negativity when discussing this kind of idea- that what babies may see is not something good. But why not? There are many stories and beliefs that we have those who guide us.

shabz.ahmed said...


just wanted to say in islam, we believe babies have angles with them up until a certain age, so yes all the cooing and smiling and looking around the room is for that exact reason.

thanx, just a little info