Spirits In My House

There have been some strange things going on in my house lately. Things I can't explain. For the past few weeks I've felt like someone is watching my every move. It started with strang sounds coming from my attic. I kind of ignored it but it kept happening. So I decided to go into the attic and take a look. But I got this really scary feeling the more steps I took up the stairs. I really could'nt see that good because their is no light in my attic, so I decided to take my camera and just start taking different snapshots. I was pretty scared when I started looking over the photos. They say spirits show up in photos as a mist or some type of light. Take a look at these photos and look at the bright light that is showing up. *Reminder there is no light what so ever in my attic*
After I looked at these I decided to take more to make sure it was'nt a camera glare and the other photos came out normal with the same snapshot in the same exact place.
And last night someone turned on my bathroom light and everyone was asleep. I'm really freaking out now. Tell me what you think? Are they ANGELS?

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Daily Spirit said...

Mmm....the one on the right *feels* like an angry gentleman.

The one on the left feels like a harbinger of sorts. Just foretelling of some changes coming up, but, I see that you posted this on September 13. Did you go through some serious changes after this?

Stephanie said...

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